Cas Eavey

Cas (they/them) wanted to come to Plainsong because they were exploring their relationship with God and spirituality. They recently started regularly attending church again and became a youth leader for a time. After "dipping their toes in" to religion for so long, they felt it was time to jump into the deep end. When they found out about Plainsong it felt like this was exactly what they needed and in a lot of ways, felt right, like this is where they are meant to be right now. They're looking forward to learning more about living in a community and caring for farm land. They're also excited to learn more about the hospitality and education aspect of the farm and how they get to contribute.

They love reading and are usually reading 3-6 books at a time. They also enjoy programming and making video games (playing them too) and love learning which manifests in learning new languages and instruments. Currently, they're learning (in order of most to least fluent) Spanish, American Sign Language, and Hebrew and learning how to play the ocarina.