Emma Proietti

Emma (she/her) has a background in lab science and forestry and conservation work and is eager to learn more practice of agriculture and the communities that have been influenced by it here in West Michigan. She looks forward to once again spending long days outside and using her religious studies background in a new setting. Her degree and post-college jobs were focused on science and conservation, but she quickly realized that she had lost the awe and wonder that comes with experiencing the spiritual side of nature, which was her original motive for entering the field. The opportunity arose to work and live at Plainsong soon after that realization, so she is excited to expand how she thinks about nature and our place in it, and to learn how to work in it to grow food.

She grew up in Kentucky, a few hours from the Appalachian mountains, but was exposed to the culture frequently through song, music, and dance. Those traditions have stayed with her through many moves, many states, and many jobs and continue to bring her some comfort of home. She also enjoys long walks, hikes, and spending time with trees.