2022 Sabbath at the Farm

During Sabbath at the Farm we ask questions. Each gathering begins with singing and words of call and response as we seek to attune ourselves to one another, this place, and God.

As we gather, we each bring different names for God, different images of God, and different experiences of closeness with God. Each gathering includes a hand on experience, a reflection on christian scripture, and a wondering question. We try to ask honest questions. We ask questions for which there are no clear answers. We ask questions that kids and grown-ups alike can wonder with. We ask because we trust in the wild work of the Spirit to draw us into holy conversation; a conversation made richer by a diversity of ages and experiences. This conversation often flows from the gathering, into the potluck, and right into the following week.  

Think you might be nurtured by simple family-friendly worship that embraces questions with a backdrop of bird songs and ripening vegetables? Join us at 4:30pm every Sunday from June 5-September 4. Bring a dish to share if you can; all dishes and people are welcome.