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Jan Barclay 
The Rev. Stephen and Martha Bartlett
Donald Black 
David and Judy Blank 
Eileen and Andrew Boekestein 
Mike and Mary Bollman 
Iain and Kalie Charnley 
Fr. Jared and Bethany Cramer
The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan
Tripp and Lucy Frey
Bobbie Gaunt
Polly Hewitt and Jerry Schaefer
Wally Hook 

Tim and Beverley Kolkman
The Rt. Rev. Edward Lee Jr.
Robert and Molly Lehman
Deborah Love 
Mike and Lynn McIntosh 
Hannah Notess and John Hiskes
Mark Ogland-Hand
Sherrill Sheehan
Georgette and Robert Schirmer
Sandy Simons 
Charles Standridge
Edith Stritzke
Lon & Sandy Swartzentruber