A New Look for Plainsong Farm

Not that long ago in 2015, Plainsong Farm was beginning. Nurya, Mike and Bethany were creating the first logo - a white rooster crowing a wake up call. 

Back then, Nurya owned white chickens; back then, Plainsong Farm didn’t have a clear mission or programs or donors. We all knew the story about the evening that the crow of a rooster reminded Peter who he was, after he had denied and betrayed Jesus. We agreed that there was something in that story for us. 

None of us was a graphic designer. We pulled Creative Commons clip art from one site, got advice from a graphic designer, and made our own logo using a free online platform. It evoked the dawn of a new day to us, and for all of us a new day was dawning.

Before too much time went by, it was clear that Plainsong Farm needed a new look. We didn’t always have chickens on the farm. We didn’t have the kind of files we needed for large size images. Most of all, we didn’t think a crowing rooster was expressive enough to evoke our real work.

Earlier this year, our staff leadership team began work with James Fry of Germination Labs. He led us through a series of questions that helped us identify the root of our work: the fact that humans and earth are one. Both religion and science teach this basic fact. Then he designed a logo that made that truth visible. The contours of the land are the ridges in the fingerprints. There are multiple contours and multiple fingerprints. Plainsong Farm is here and yet our work extends to many places. Plainsong Farm is many people, each of us giving what we can.

It has been a gift to tend Plainsong as we grew from a crowing rooster calling us to wake up and became a circle of many calling us to come home to where and who we really are.

I look forward to seeing this new logo for a long, long time. 

After the logo came the new website! We hope it provides you a much easier navigation experience. We hope it helps you figure out “what we do” at Plainsong. Even more, we hope it helps you find a way that you can be part of Plainsong Farm. 

God is at work here to tend the healing of this earth for everybody. You are invited to join in.