From One Small Seed

The earth is the Lord’s.” – Psalm 24:1a

“See, I am making all things new.” – Revelation 21:5

For almost 20 years in ministry, I read these texts, heard them and said them, but when God called me to create a new ministry, using property that my family owned, I still had a hard time living by them.

Once upon a time, Plainsong Farm was simply the place where I lived. In 2001, my husband and I bought a former organic farm with 10 acres, one house, and two big barns just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I named it Plainsong Farm, but it wasn’t a farm while we lived there. Neither of us was a farmer, and it takes a farmer to make a farm.

As I walked the property in those early years, I felt like we weren’t being faithful to it...

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