"Join, Or Die" Documentary

A film crew contacted us earlier this summer asking if we wanted to be a part of the documentary. Inspired by the work of Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone, the crew wanted to tell a story about the disintegration of community in America and the physical benefits of belonging.

The documentary came to us hoping to capture the hope of communities that are still thriving. After interviewing and filming with community groups across the country, they were looking to engage with a rural community that had a spiritual basis but wasn’t a church, and Plainsong Farm & Ministry fit those needs perfectly. Our own mission of helping people connect to people, places and God made this project a good fit for us as well as we work to heal broken relationships. 

We are so excited to share the trailer for “Join, or Die” with you! The film crew spent two days with us filming a Saturday Workday and a Sabbath at the Farm experience. You can catch the sneak peek of us at minute 2:43 alongside former presidential candidates and the current surgeon general.