June Bugs

Our CSA is underway! We have three weeks behind us and seventeen ahead. With this only being year two, we still find ourselves constantly making changes and evolving to find the best way to do pretty much everything. It can make it feel a little unsettled, but compared to last year, we already feel like we have much better systems in place from harvesting to packing to drop offs.

Our new walk-in cooler has been proving its necessity daily and our new fence has been doing a satisfactory job. It is always a tricky experiment to invest in new equipment and hope that all the reviews you read of these things working for other people translate into them working for you. Farming is so place-based.

If nothing else, we are learning about this one lovely piece of ground, its critters, its composition, the way the weather passes, the different forms of life that most naturally grow here, and its unforgiving demand for creative flexibility.

Sow It ForwardThis year we have expanded not only our regular CSA (from 50 to 100 members!) but also our pantry-partnership donation shares. We are super excited about this and hope to continue this growth in future years. Three full shares are making their way into Grand Rapids weekly to North End Community Ministry. In addition, we are working closely with North Kent Connect to get 20 shares to local families who will come to the farm and pick up their veggies this year. Want to get involved? Learn how to Give Good Food.PF + PK: In other news, we are excited to announce our collaboration with an unbelievably creative and honest food blog belonging to a dear friend of ours. She will be doing a summer series on What To Do With Your CSA Share and sharing beautiful and useful recipes to spark your creativity and encourage confidence and culinary splendor in your kitchen! For this delicious information we are trading our knowledge about what is in season, specifically what we are harvesting each week right here in Rockford, Michigan, and any helpful tidbits she can use while collecting & cooking.

Follow along to see more recipes like her Coconut Curry Lentils that artfully incorporates kohlrabi, kale, & garlic scapes!

Farm family news? Our girls are eating a lot of veggies. Ev prefers hers raw and with a little residual dirt from picking & pulling them herself. Magnolia just eats the dirt mostly.