Seven Reasons to Join Plainsong Farm's Young Adult Fellowship

Are you looking for a place to get your hands dirty, practice faith in a place that cares for creation and serve in a role that fits your skill set? If you're between the ages of 21-30, the Episcopal Service Corps at Plainsong might be the right place for you! But if you need a few more reasons from a Plainsong Fellowship alum, read on.

1. Live on a farm 

The farm is your big, beautiful backyard full of trees to sit under, bees busy pollinating the orchard and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. 

2. Fresh Veggies

Living on a farm also means endless fresh veggies. It’s exciting to learn how to cook with whatever is ripe that week. I learned to cook so many new favorite dishes!

3. Learn the importance of place

I had never thought about my place so deeply and with such care until I came to Plainsong. We learned about the watershed and the impacts of colonization. We met people who care for land through farming, activism and art. It’s changed the way I think about everywhere that I live. 

4. Get a spiritual director

While in the program, you’re required to meet with a spiritual director three times, and I connected with mine so deeply that we’re still meeting almost six months after the program ended. She got to know me and every time we meet, she reminds me to do the things that feed my soul. 

5. Network of supportive adults

I met so many incredible humans from widely varying life experiences who all wanted to see me become a whole, healthy person. We drank tea, shared stories over bonfires and ate incredible concoctions together. 

6. Cats

I cannot neglect the two most important parts of the farm: Dandelion and Totoro, the farm cats. Feeling the soft rub of a cat against your legs while weeding is true happiness. 

7. Grow your skills  

The farm staff truly care about you as a human and want the best for you. They did everything they could to provide me with learning experiences and connect me with people and resources that would prepare me for future opportunities. 

If this sounds like a place where you might want to live and work, contact our Program Director, Emily Ulmer, at to learn more or apply here: