Seven Things I Like about Sabbath at the Farm

1. There ain't no roofs

We sit outside. Roofs keep our dreams from reaching the sky. 

2. There has been watermelon multiple times (sometimes from me)

Watermelon is my favorite fruit, it is extraordinarily delicious, and it reminds me of summers in the South – of home.

3. The food is plentiful – especially if you stand at the back

Everybody in front of me in line is trying to be so polite that they leave more than enough for everyone to get seconds and thirds – so when I’m at the back of the line I can fill my plate to the brim, guilt-free.

4. I see some good friends

The kind of people at Sabbath at the Farm are the kind of people that put a smile on my face as soon as I see them. It makes me feel good to be around those folks.

5. Singing

There is not enough song in the world! It’s so restrictedly rare for people to sing together, and it is a regular part of Sabbath at the Farm.

6. A freedom in our approach to Scripture

Scripture is not dogmatized – it is a threshold of possibility, something that not only is open to interpretation but that brings us into a self-interpretive act. We become a question to ourselves.

7. Easeful and earnest prayerfulness

“There is no wrong way to be at the farm”, is a consistent refrain from our Sabbath planning team. I’d add that in our prayerful space, there is no wrong way to be with the divine.

Find out about Sabbath at the Farm for yourself, every Sunday at 4:30 from June through August.

Will Dubman is a member of our 2023 Episcopal Service Corps cohort and part of the Sabbath at the Farm team.