Springtime Milestones

It's been far too long since I wrote a blog post. It's been busy!Over the past month there have been some major milestones achieved as we continue to found Plainsong Farm as a ministry.

  1. We finalized a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan! This sounds esoteric, but it was essential. The MOU lays the groundwork for Plainsong Farm to become a single non-profit ministry (rather than our current structure which has us maintaining two sets of books and a separate entity for the farm). Once we complete this transition, our administrative and financial life will be much simpler – making it possible to focus more fully on ministry. We expect to finish this transition yet this spring.
  2. We reached a new agreement with Forward Movement to continue the Grow Christians website as a ministry of Forward Movement. Although we partnered with them to launch this ministry, they have provided the majority of the financial support for it from the beginning. With this new agreement, Forward Movement will own Grow Christians, and Nurya will continue to edit it. Plainsong Farm will continue to be credited as a co-founder of this ministry.
  3. We participated in a national gathering of leaders of food and faith ministries! This was an incredible honor and privilege. Hosted by Wake Forest Divinity School, the Tending the Field gathering sought to map food and faith work being done across the country and to build relationships among leaders. A few conversations were begun there that we hope and pray will bear fruit here in years to come. Here's a photo of the group on our last morning.