Will Dubman

When Will (he/him) discovered Plainsong, he felt he was being called into a beautiful opportunity to continue his journey towards establishing a lifestyle that integrates community, service, and spirituality. It felt like a natural next step down the path that he wants to walk, learning how to be nice– to himself, to the people he's in relationship with, to his broader community and nation, to the human and natural systems that he depends on for survival, to plants and animals and minerals and elements. He hopes to learn how to live more gently and see the world more deeply.

He hopes to see this year of service here as a continuation of the project that was underway during his time in monastic community. He wants to apply all of the experiences he was nourished by there, from the sense of spiritual devotion and discipline, to an ability to listen and a commitment to do so in healing and transformational ways, to a lifestyle of radical humility and obedience to imperatives and values bigger than ourselves. He also hopes to apply the commitment to justice and devotion to the uplifting of marginalized voices and perspectives that he internalized from his childhood of growing up in a community beset by great burdens of poverty and injustice.

In his free time, he loves to write and read poetry, read everything he can get his hands on, and find creative ways to stay active. He also likes slow walks, and being in stillness as long he can.